..."Faced with the choice of sending our son to a public pre-kindergarten program - for free - or staying on another year at PTCC, the choice was clear. We stayed at PTCC and loved every day of our seven years there (two of our children attended). The teachers are warm, committed, insightful, creative, and very loving. We feel blessed to have had PTCC in our lives and miss it dearly since we have moved on."

...“The center is well organized. In addition to the fundraising, parent conferences, and meetings, there is also time taken to do regular assessments of each child's individual development. I love these assessments because they help us know what to look for and encourage, in our child's development, as well as enabling parents to address any concerns as early as possible. This system is much more detailed than that of our pediatrician, and we find it to be a big relief to have these developmental stages regularly documented.”

...“I can leave my children at Peabody Terrace with the sure knowledge that they are being treated as individuals, learning and growing in new ways and having fun with the other children. I am so grateful for the Center and its loving care of my children."