The daily schedule in each classroom allows for ample free play, outdoor time and exploration. Teachers facilitate problem solving skills, social skills, language and emotional development through thoughtful guidance and supervision. The physical space at PTCC was designed with children and child care in mind. Many of the classrooms are bathed in natural light by the floor-to-ceiling windows.

In all of the classrooms, curriculum is developed around the children's ideas and interests on an individual level as well as a group. The staff at PTCC understands the importance of parent communication and put a great deal of energy into developing a positive relationship with each family, which provides a basis for constructive dialogue. Written accounts of children’s experiences in each classroom, as well as home, are regularly exchanged with parents and teachers to ensure a rich continuity of care.

Our program offers children a variety of stimulating experiences, including: art, music, movement, yoga, science demonstrations, and sometimes animal shows. Two snacks are provided daily by the Center. Lunch is provided from home, but the Center will provide a drink. Diapers are provided by the Center for infants and toddlers.

Adult to Child Ratios are as follows: Infants/3:7 or 2:5, Younger Toddler/3:9 or 2:7, Older Toddler/2:9, Preschool One/3:17 or 2:14, Preschool Two/2:16.